Music tells you a lot about what a person’s heart has to give. Here is a piece of mine!

If you read my front page you know a little bit about me, but you must of clicked this to know MORE! 

I hope this gives you a little more insight of who I am, and what I do within music:




I am a professional musician, saxophonist, pianist, and vocalist.  I currently am a Music major & Communications and Digital Studies major at the University of Mary Washington. I have always been a creative, artistic, passionate human being, and I have always wanted to share this love with others. There has not been a time in my life when I can depict myself without the arts gracing my presence. My mom and dad put my sister and me in piano lessons when I was about five years old to see if music would be a route that we could take in our life… which obviously took a turn for the best!

I always loved music, from dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” in the car with my dad on our drive to elementary school to singing “Shallow” on the stage with the 380 Army band. Music isn’t just something that I do when I perform, but it’s something intangible that I carry with me every day.

Army Musician

October of 2020 I joined the United States Army as a musician. I have completed basic training and experienced the army school of music. Now I am currently in the 380th Army Band. I am apart of a small rock band known as POD 4, and want to thrive as a musician and a soldier.

University of Mary Washington

Musical Opportunities

I am a vocalist in the Fredericksburg Jazz ensemble, and play saxophone and sing for the group called ELBY Brass. I am always looking for other musical opportunities and would love to be apart of small or large projects.

Why do I love music? :

Well I love music for the same reason that we all love music! We collectively love music for the very synonymous reason, because it brings us together emotionally, physically, and gives us the sense that we are not alone. This is the very reason that I love to perform music myself. Growing up music was always with me whether I was performing or walking through the grocery store dancing and jamming out to the random station that was on. Music is quite literally in my soul, and I can’t explain it and never will, but it carry it with me everyday.

Fredericksburg VA, 22401