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Becoming a Better Photographer

This particular tip helped me realize that if I want better quality pictures they should be well planned so that I am not rushing to create that “perfect” picture. If you are rushing you aren’t focused.
This image was taken in my apartment. I thought it was very well planned out and looks better than it would have if I did not move things together, clean up the table, or just have taken a picture with things the way they were.
This was particularly interesting because it gave me tips on how to take better self-portraits and portraits of others.
I took this photo of my best friend Rachel, and her hair is moving in the wind, she looks natural, and the background was perfect.
This was really fun and helpful, but recently when I went to Washington State I had the BEST time and was looking for adventures, and the photos were fantastic!!!!
This was one of my favorite pictures that I took when I went to Washington. I quite literally saw light hitting this spider web and it looks absolutely amazing!

Overall, this experience was very helpful and I learned a lot about what I could do to make my photos a little bit better. I love taking photos, but I also learned I sure do need to go clean out my camera roll!

I chose to post the first picture in the google document to help our class take some pictures

Add a bit of color!

Hailey Amick

I would love to share this tip that I have come up with on my own. I know alot of things are minimalistic these days and I wanted to share how we can make the following photos pop. This picture I took in 

My apartment looks like a small moment in time. I look the thing that I wanted to pop and had that minimalistic colors, black and white then I gathered someone plain, but with texture and someone colorful with texture to add on each side complimenting the plain minimalistic object. In the back you always want to make there is a sense of natural colors and for this I have white and green vines. 

For more ideas you can aspire things from pintrest, or try it on your own!

That is my thoughts on how to become a better photographer! 😉


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