For this assignment, I took the best pictures from this week to post in a Designlitz. This was an interesting project because I took a bunch of pictures this week and came together to post them today. These I think were the best five examples that I took.

Proportion is symmetry with a twist. This photo is from my store that I work at called Latitudes Fair-trade. You can put lights in these, candles, or incense… anyways I took the tree egg, and made it the center piece of symmetry. 

I was running by my friends house when I took this photo of her cat in the window and I found this to be a great example of dominance. The dominance of the pattern from the bricks is louder than the window. 

This definetly is a metaphor and a symbol. So my roommate is a christian and she has been reading this book “Don’t giveth enemy a seat at your table, which to her means don’t let the devil into your heart. I found it to be a metaphor for me quite literally meaning don’t let negativity be at our table in the morning, because sometimes as I wake up in the morning I don’t always get the best vibes and it reminded me to just be myself, and carry myself with the positivity I hold and it will be ok. Also peep the 🙁 in the right corner which I found to pull the photo together.

When I went to Goodwill this week, I took a picture of the sky knowing that it was going to be the perfect picture for color. I found it neat because it is so colorful, yet the cars pool it together.

I think that out of all pictures this was my favorite because this picture was of the moon rising. You can never get a good photo of the moon rising with your phone, but I thought this was a unique take on unity. Without the Moon the sun won’t rise. Without the sky there is no moon. Without either of these things there wouldn’t be this beautiful world. The moon brings the unity of the earth in the photo together.

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