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Has technology’s impact on privacy changed within the music industry?

What privacy LOL? How do music producers, and record label companies know where they are succeeding for their current audience, to keep pushing products and make more money? Well, the way they know best, stealing your information! Have you ever read the privacy notices on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music listening platform… Well, let’s take a look.

These are just a few things that Spotify is accessing to make their brand better, accessing your data.
Spotify is basing the top music of the listeners, by using your accessing and using your location.
They know just by this that I am a female- assuming that I am going to want to listen to the women of country….
Also again, this morning, I was talking about how people sometimes will be looking at their phone, and yet they still don’t text back. I know that Spotify is accessing my age, and data by knowing that I am “young and free”.

Spotify also can access data on how many listen to a song, how many likes, and how much of the music they listen to. They aren’t just telling us exactly how they are using our data, but they call it a privacy policy!!!! How is it a privacy policy if they are just invading it???!!

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