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RadioShow Broadcasted!

I listened to Thursday’s Radio show from my digital storytelling 106 class: Bob Ross Radio Show & Why Do We Love Art? episode because I wanted to tune in to my own show, but also hear everyone someone else’s. I actually hadn’t listened through the show my group had created in full but in pieces, by clipping each together. I listened to my own of course, but not the other two group member’s because I was saving it for this. I love that everyone love’s art in such a different way, even the first groups podcast called the Bob Ross Radio Show. It was a beautiful experience. I feel like everyone has a different view upon art and music. 

My heart is always drawn to listening to people talk about their art, other peoples art, and what they love and don’t love about art. Art is an intangible thing.  Yes you can own it, or hold it, but you can never relive the emotions that someone created in a painting two thousand years ago as you are in the now. Art creates a new meaning to life as it is the experience of emotions, that you are receiving from art. Art isn’t made for no reason, even if someone says it isn’t for a reason, they still sat down to create that painting, song, movie, ect. which means it what they are feeling in the moment. They are creating an emotion from that moment. 

Art is emotions. That is why I loved listening this podcast. It was art in itself. 

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