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Senses connect design

“It doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed,” the late and great Bill Moggridge, designer of the world’s first laptop, famously reminded us


This quote above reminds us that design is such an important part of history that we need to remind ourselves in our everyday lives. As a musician, I make art that is intangible that is all merely based on emotions. Music makes me realize that every single thing that we come in contact with is designed.

My favorite example I have ever been apart of when speaking of design was when I went to the Seattle Art Museum. This museum recognized art in every capacity, which I found intriguing.

I can not remember what this art was called, but I remember its design. It was a Chinese art exhibit that include a actively moving exhibit. There was a circle that when you stand in the middle, while the colors and lights changed, and there was music/audio sounds that made this whole display come together. It was a whole sensual, designed experiment.

Think about design a little differently. Currently I am sitting on a cozy couch with a white quilt on it, wearing gray soft sweatpants, a blue sweatshirt that is old and has the material with pilly material on the inside, gold hoop earrings, and I have gray and purple athletic socks on that are touching a blue soft carpet. Every single thing that I connected here are with my senses. Not only are the things we see designed, but the things that our sense come in contact with are designed. The goal of a design in history was to be useful, but then as well continued to have the useful elements we needed, it was to create art. Design is art. 


The design from the short booklet, The Vignelli Canon was interesting to look at because I just learned what a canon was within music in a music history course I am taking. A canon is society’s standard of judgement upon a specific topic, or person. This booklet gives great detail about design but Vignelli doesn’t realize that design is EVERYTHING, all senses. Vignelli’s standard of judgement is choosing design, not design coming naturally. I feel as if design can come in many ways. Emotions is how I personally use my creativity through design, but through Vignelli’s canon It is perceived that it is a choice, and is built on a construct.

Vignelli states:

“As much as I love things in flux, I love them within a frame of reference – a consistent reassurance that at least and at last I am the one responsible for every detail.”

This leads me back to agree with the article by Maria Popova’s article stating Design is everything. 

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