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Week 3

For this week I had many computer difficulties and still am… but I am learning to navigate through them. I couldn’t figure out my word press password for a long time so I realized that all I really need to do is get access through UMW domains. I then had an issue where my whole site crashed so yesterday I reworked my front page, and today I am going to the DKC to work on splitting my blog- one for digital studies and one for music but on my same page! I did a lot this week with learning wordpress and how to change my website. I am currently working on my about page, it is not up to date yet but it will be hopefully by the end of week 

This picture was from the beginning of the week when we were jamming out getting ready for classes in my apartment!

My mom stopped by to exchange some goodies this week and my stinky dogs got to visit me too! 🙂

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