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Week Summary 11

This week I finished up my video and you can view that in my post at:

My daily creates for this week were super fun and creative. First we have my audio that I created  for “Random Emoji Sparks”.  I first grabbed some sounds off of The image was of a helicopter, a radio, and then a sky lift. So I grabbed a helicopter sound, some music, and then a sky lift sound and mixed them together in logic. 

I took this picture of awesome and had to upload it! Awesomeness being my dog lol.

For this next one, it was honestly really hard to come up with a story line for 5 dice that were very different, but I did!

This week was eventful, yet I finally finished up that video as well. I am still working on my final project, but it is coming along. I am making a youtube track for each song. I orginally thought they had to be really full for each song, but not every song has to. 

Well that is a wrap for this week!

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