Why do we love Music?

This podcast will consist of expanding the idea of why we love music as a society. I think generally people love music because of what it does for them emotionally, and the intangible design of emotions that they can carry with them every day. Our first idea was about why we love art and design, but as a group, I said I was going to talk about why society loves music and the emotional meanings behind the scripted music.

This was the logo that I made for it!

I am going to make a commercial about Selmer Instruments so that it will flow in with the “music” theme. I will start by making an undertone of noise and then play my saxophone for a hot second, and make a short bit that says “Selmer Instruments, hand-made in Paris by our most educated musical instrument manufacturers in the world. If you want more information you can check out their website at”

For now that is all I have going, and next week I am excited to see what is going to be the final product!

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