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    Project for DS106

    So I sat down and of course, I want it to have to do with music…. it is all about the joy of creativity. I decided that I am going to make an album that is fully based on Bob Ross’s art pieces. I will choose 6-8 pieces that are from the original list that was posted for my classmates and me at the beginning of the semester, and create a song based on those pieces. It is creativity at its finest. The following are the pieces I am thinking about doing:

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    Why do we love art?!

    This is the complete radio show that I made with my two other classmates. Let’s break down the process…. SO first I always wanted to make a podcast about this, but I had never known how to start it. Even though I personally just wanted this to be about music, I was collaborating and had to compromise of course. 🙂 I use Logic Pro because I think it is way easier to combine different audio files through this program instead of audacity. So we made a google doc with all our ideas on it, and I tried to see which commercials would sound the best in each spot, and then…

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    Instrumental vs. Vocals

    For this assignment, I decided to Mashup Paramore’s song Ain’t it Fun, and Bach’s Prelude in E Major so that they were at least both in the same key. Then I tried to match them up perfectly in time, but I couldn’t exactly figure it out, but I think it sounds cool!!! It gave me a hard time trying to upload to SoundCloud, but I finally got it. I hope you like it.

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    Radio Bumper

    Welcome back!!! I have been wanting to create my own radio for a long time now so now that I am taking a DS106 class we are required to make our own radio/podcast so here mine is. The only reason I didn’t include ds106 in my bumper is that I am not specifically doing this for this class, but this will be an ongoing project. I hope you enjoy!

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    The Greatest Showman

      This week I felt inspired by one of the Mashup Assignments, but I would like to elaborate on why I choose this instead of a Writing Assignment and make it my own, with writing about it. I was given the following prompt: Mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from it’s the best song in the movie. Using Adobe Photoshop or comparable, play with overlays, Image effects, Opacity, and Masks to create one cohesive piece.  I felt inspired to post this particular movie because the music is so empowering in every way that I wanted to express the positivity that this particular song in this movie…

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    Has technology’s impact on privacy changed within the music industry?

    What privacy LOL? How do music producers, and record label companies know where they are succeeding for their current audience, to keep pushing products and make more money? Well, the way they know best, stealing your information! Have you ever read the privacy notices on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music listening platform… Well, let’s take a look. Spotify also can access data on how many listen to a song, how many likes, and how much of the music they listen to. They aren’t just telling us exactly how they are using our data, but they call it a privacy policy!!!! How is it a privacy policy if they…

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    Disinformation, Information Literacy, & The Digital Revolution through music?!

    I apologize, I haven’t posted on here in a while because I have been so busy, but I am going to catch up talking about the falsification that the internet leads us onto. First I read this article about Facebook managing the misinformation about the COVID vaccine. If you are interested the following link leads you to this interesting page. This article made me think about how music media is the same way. Currently, Britney Spears comes to mind because of the horrible battle she had to fight in court. Britney Spears was an icon to many millennials growing up. She has been viewed as a “bad girl” with…

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    Bad News, a game without music?

    Bad News, sounds interesting right? This interactive computer story will take you on a journey through social media and fake information. On the front page, it states “From the Fake news to chaos! How bad are you?” The format is structured well, it is fascinating to play through this interactive story, but there is something missing. There is no music within this game, which I find strange as music is how you tell a lot of interactive games apart from one another. I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Think of any video game, even if you aren’t a gamer (I sure am not a gamer…) I…