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    Rebuilding the Internet through music!

    If you think about it, the internet is built on sounds. Music is such a large element of the internet, people literally communicate based on sound. When you hear the sound of a notification, then you run to your phone to type a response, press send it also creates another sound. Music is the start and stop of all internet communication. This project for my digital studies class, is an audio file I made of what I think represents music.

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    How is the internet changing within music?

    First, let’s establish what is the internet? In my opinion, I classify internet to be a forum where all people can access data (true or false), communicate with others within moments, and a quick way to share information. I love music within the internet. Music has can be accessed, communicated with others and shared in SO many different ways on the internet. It is the largest platform that music is shared on currently. Digital media has been developing over the years, and it is slowly alternating our minds. In every way, music is developing within the internet as well. “Is the internet making us stupid?” I personally do not agree…

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    Musical Blog

    Music 20+ years ago within the internet. To me it is insane how music has evolved since the 1900. On my search for artifacts about technology I found the evolution of music, so interesting. Thinking back to one of the first ways music was played, performances. A musical piece before 1860 was performed once, and each time it had a different significance for the time period it was being played, the location, and the event. The first way music was recorded was with the Phonograph that Thomas Edison created in 1860. This machine that he created ignited music from wax cylinder wrapped in foil. Now in 2021 you can view a…