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    Video Show Plan

    Since giving day is tomorrow for UMW I decided a few days ago that I would make a post for the music department with my digital studies skills. I am going to collaborate with students, and professors to get some photos, and videos to compile into a video to represent our music department. After I get some photos, of all of the different ensembles and students I am going to make a video that represents the University of Mary Washington Music Department. The short trailer will give a short look into the music department and give the @ for all of our social media accounts as well. For the longer video, I am…

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    Weekly Summary 9

    Okay, yeah late again I know, my website was still down. I am getting everything back up today and tomorrow as I work to catch everything up, BUT this is a wrap for my Week 9 projects and posts! For all of week 9’s activities, I made sure to clean up my blog posts with it. I tend to make a blog post and then leave it kind of messy. So for this week, I tried to make everything really clean. I did all of my Daily Creates and fit them into a story about emotions. WE walkthrough emotions every day, so I decided upon that. I went through my…

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    Reworking my blog and website

    I really enjoyed this “reflecting” upon my work. I realized that a lot of my work was messy, and I needed to work on all of it. So this week I worked on my website and developed it. First I went to my “about me” section and changed the entire format, and made it look cleaner, and more fun. I am going to add some new pictures of me performing soon as well!!! Then I went to some previous posts and fixed some of the wording and sloppy work, but I am still doing that every second being on my blog. The one thing that I really wanted to work…

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    Project for DS106

    So I sat down and of course, I want it to have to do with music…. it is all about the joy of creativity. I decided that I am going to make an album that is fully based on Bob Ross’s art pieces. I will choose 6-8 pieces that are from the original list that was posted for my classmates and me at the beginning of the semester, and create a song based on those pieces. It is creativity at its finest. The following are the pieces I am thinking about doing:

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    RadioShow Broadcasted!

    I listened to Thursday’s Radio show from my digital storytelling 106 class: Bob Ross Radio Show & Why Do We Love Art? episode because I wanted to tune in to my own show, but also hear everyone someone else’s. I actually hadn’t listened through the show my group had created in full but in pieces, by clipping each together. I listened to my own of course, but not the other two group member’s because I was saving it for this. I love that everyone love’s art in such a different way, even the first groups podcast called the Bob Ross Radio Show. It was a beautiful experience. I feel like everyone has…

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    Daily Creates Story Time

    This week the instruction was to put together daily creates and tie them together to create a story. I like coming up with practical scenarios, so my story is about going through the emotions of life. First we have The Law of Digital Studies and how we should always be creative, and with creativity I am coming up with this digital studies, practical scenario.  @ds106dc — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) April 2, 2022 Remembering the law of being creative… I thought, what would follow this rule, just about anything right?! Lots of people came up with different wheels for this daily create, but the wheel of emotions in particular is…

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    Weekly Summary 8

    Well, I bet I know what you are thinking… Hailey is finally showing up again to DS 106 again?! Well you would be correct, I am back! My website has been down for a very long time now because I didn’t have enough strorage on it, and I am finally able to update everything, and complete all of the awesome digital studies projects, and posts that I need to update myself on. First I will close out on my week 8 adventures. I had finished my podcast that I had made and to me it was an amazing experience to layer different audio tracks and music. It honestly taught me…

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    Why do we love art?!

    This is the complete radio show that I made with my two other classmates. Let’s break down the process…. SO first I always wanted to make a podcast about this, but I had never known how to start it. Even though I personally just wanted this to be about music, I was collaborating and had to compromise of course. 🙂 I use Logic Pro because I think it is way easier to combine different audio files through this program instead of audacity. So we made a google doc with all our ideas on it, and I tried to see which commercials would sound the best in each spot, and then…

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    Weekly Summary 7

    This week was adventurous! I am honestly really proud of my work this week. Also, I am super excited about the Podcast that I am making with my digital studies group. There are three of us, and our plan is to make a music mashup Podcast where we talk about why people love music. We have a great idea for an intro where we interview lots of people and ask why they love music, then each of my group members will describe why they love music, and then I will talk about the science behind the emotions of music. I am super excited because I think this is going to…

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    Why do we love Music?

    This podcast will consist of expanding the idea of why we love music as a society. I think generally people love music because of what it does for them emotionally, and the intangible design of emotions that they can carry with them every day. Our first idea was about why we love art and design, but as a group, I said I was going to talk about why society loves music and the emotional meanings behind the scripted music. This was the logo that I made for it! I am going to make a commercial about Selmer Instruments so that it will flow in with the “music” theme. I will…