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You probably are questioning what this page is all about. Musical Motif’s? If you don’t know what a motif is that is absolutely okay, I got that covered. Basically a motif a specific melody or series of notes that is used in different ways throughout a piece of music or song. For example most people have heard Beethoven’s 5th symphony. The first 5 seconds is a motif that later is heard in that piece again. If you want to refresh yourself take a listen.

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Motif’s aren’t just a classical music thing though. A motif is displayed in our everyday music. A great example is in jazz, of course as a jazz musician myself I have to bring this up. Jazz musicians take motives from just about anything, you can take other songs and put them in your improvisation, and make it your own, yet they will still hear that small motif that shapes a song. My idea, is to make a podcast that talks about musical subjects, questions, and works that even the average listener would question, and in what different ways music can be used. I want these small ideas to be explored in different ways. Just like a motif!

Currently, I am in multiple musical ensembles and groups singing and playing my instruments. I have always had a passion for performing,  but I also recently realized that in order to love performing you need to know the history and theory behind the music as well. Don’t leave yet though just because I mentioned music history and theory… because I want to dive deep into the current hits that we listen to every day as well!

This podcast is going to be about the social context within music, different genres within music, where music has come over the past years digitally and musically, and I want to dive deep into debates of what music really is or isn’t. This podcast is a way I want to branch out and explore more about music. I also want to learn more about others’ musical opinions.  I want to get the thoughts of all my listeners. I want to hear the opinions of YOU.

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Listed below are some of the current ideas and topics for my podcasts and where they will be posted!

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February 11, 2022

Podcast 1: We all have different reasons for enjoying music but why do we love music so much? Podcast 2: Musical genre? Heavy-metal? Yeah, most people might not like heavy metal but why? Podcast 3:Where did Jazz come from and how has it evolved into today’s music!? Podcast 4: What is the importance of the emotions behind music? Is all music Podcast 5: Mental Health and Music!!! What is…

February 11, 2022

Welcome back!!! I have been wanting to create my own radio for a long time now so now that I am taking a DS106 class we are required to make our own radio/podcast so here mine is. The only reason I didn’t include ds106 in my bumper is that I am not specifically doing this for this class, but this will be an ongoing project. I hope you…

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