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    For the Joy of Love.

    Love truly is love. I could talk about the themes behind this post forever, but this is my final project for my ds106 class. Yep, it is being done a little late, but that is because it took me time, and it is a beautiful digital storytelling project. I not only tied music together with digital studies, but I tied together pieces of my love story with the theme of this semester which was for the love of…. My theme has to be the joy of love. I love music. I love digital studies. I art. I love my girlfriend. I choose the four things that I love the most…

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    It is more than just music, in the University of Mary Washington’s music department.

    For my movie, I put in a lot of effort making my trailer, and ultimately it came to what this project means. I wanted to do something practical, not that it is a bad thing to do something fun, but this was fun and useful. I run the social media for the UMW Music Department and I wanted to make something that would benefit the people who donate to UMW Music Department, the professors that help us, and a look from the outside for the public. I wanted it to be something that incoming students look at to admire our music department, and inspire them. So first I reached out…

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    Animoji Kareoke

    This character looks like me because of the curly brown hair! I choose this song because it is one of my favorite jazz songs 🙂 Try this #ds106 Assignment Animoji Karaoke https://t.co/UBAJ3QOCHO https://t.co/2Kw3Fap160 — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) April 13, 2022

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    MINIONS… The Rise of Gru???

    Try this #ds106 Assignment Is this the right movie? https://t.co/0O70mCyzMn The rise of Gru??? Or the Happiness of Gru? pic.twitter.com/5hu0kVjLbA — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) April 13, 2022 For this project I first looked up to see what some of the new movies coming out this summer were and minions were first. I liked this because when you think “The rise of _____”, usually it indicates something angry, big, evil, ect. I found this picture of Gru that is nothing but happiness and silliness. So I created this poster on canva. 

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    Video Essay

    When reading the article, “How to Read a Movie” by Roger Elbert, I didn’t realize how many creative aspects are truly placed to make the audience feel a certain way. The producers use lighting, color, and dialogue to display emotions throughout a piece. Again, I know I am talking about emotions in another one of my posts, but it is so TRUE!    I took 3 scenes off of the movie Encanto and talked about them, but those are just three small moments. I have watched this movie about 20 times. Each time I find something new that intrigues me, but when I watched it through this time I recognized…

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    Weekly Summary 9

    Okay, yeah late again I know, my website was still down. I am getting everything back up today and tomorrow as I work to catch everything up, BUT this is a wrap for my Week 9 projects and posts! For all of week 9’s activities, I made sure to clean up my blog posts with it. I tend to make a blog post and then leave it kind of messy. So for this week, I tried to make everything really clean. I did all of my Daily Creates and fit them into a story about emotions. WE walkthrough emotions every day, so I decided upon that. I went through my…

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    Daily Creates Story Time

    This week the instruction was to put together daily creates and tie them together to create a story. I like coming up with practical scenarios, so my story is about going through the emotions of life. First we have The Law of Digital Studies and how we should always be creative, and with creativity I am coming up with this digital studies, practical scenario.  @ds106dc pic.twitter.com/jBxOyWsrEa — Hailey Amick (@amick_hailey) April 2, 2022 Remembering the law of being creative… I thought, what would follow this rule, just about anything right?! Lots of people came up with different wheels for this daily create, but the wheel of emotions in particular is…

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    Rain Droplets

    I thought this assignment was fun and simple. I basically looked at all of the objects around me and tried to make it sound like I was in some type of weather or in some weather. The weather I chose was rain droplets. I am sitting right underneath my air conditioner so it sounds like the outdoors quietness and then I produced rain droplets by using my fingernails to hit against the tingy part of the bottom of a mirror sitting with me. Rain is my favorite sound because it is peaceful and calm. Rain makes me realize that all of the earth will be happier and more vivacious once…

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    Instrumental vs. Vocals

    For this assignment, I decided to Mashup Paramore’s song Ain’t it Fun, and Bach’s Prelude in E Major so that they were at least both in the same key. Then I tried to match them up perfectly in time, but I couldn’t exactly figure it out, but I think it sounds cool!!! It gave me a hard time trying to upload to SoundCloud, but I finally got it. I hope you like it.