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    Project Ideas Week 2

    For my project update is that I am going to start a google drive compiling all my ideas for my project which was an idea on Taytu Star’s page except see used a google doc- which I will also include, but mine is going to be songs, that connect to the paintings of Bob Ross. I also recently had the idea of making videos for each as well, but we will see… I might take clips of Bob Ross’s videos, but I also don’t want that to be considered plagiarism. I am trying to pick out a genre for my album, but I am honestly going to inspire this album…

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    Project for DS106

    So I sat down and of course, I want it to have to do with music…. it is all about the joy of creativity. I decided that I am going to make an album that is fully based on Bob Ross’s art pieces. I will choose 6-8 pieces that are from the original list that was posted for my classmates and me at the beginning of the semester, and create a song based on those pieces. It is creativity at its finest. The following are the pieces I am thinking about doing: