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Bad News, a game without music?

Bad News, sounds interesting right? This interactive computer story will take you on a journey through social media and fake information. On the front page, it states “From the Fake news to chaos! How bad are you?”

The format is structured well, it is fascinating to play through this interactive story, but there is something missing. There is no music within this game, which I find strange as music is how you tell a lot of interactive games apart from one another. I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about. Think of any video game, even if you aren’t a gamer (I sure am not a gamer…) I am sure a song came to mind in your head when thinking of that videogame.

For this video game, in particular, it starts off as if “the internet” is talking to you. Asking us if we want to vent on Twitter about something we are frustrated about. I play along and tweet one of three options about how I don’t like the government. I immediately gain followers.

Through playing this game, there are many different types of music that could be added, such as a theme song that plays in the background, similar to animal crossing!

This soundtrack would be considered a background theme song which would be the type of music to add in the game Bad News.

As you journey through this game, you earn credibility to become a real influencer. I feel that throughout this process it would be key to add Music as gameplay. That means whenever the game becomes interactive, or if you press the next option available it will interactively play a sound, you can even go as far as it being a major sound if you gain credibility or a minor sound if you lose followers.

I made the following music for what I feel should be in place of each.

minor – effect
major – effect

The use of these would remind the player that they are in fact playing the game. While I was playing this game I felt like it was just a bit boring in the fact that there was nothing other than the two senses to keep me going. The reason for putting music is so that the person is fully emerged in the game, looking at the game (sight), being in the game( awareness of one’s body in space), tapping the different buttons (touch), and overtaking one’s body by having that fourth sense of hearing the interactive music (hearing).

As I am gaining, or trying to gain credibility it seems like there is no reason to be playing this game. It starts to get boring, as it keeps stating the same thing – you have gained credibility or you haven’t. Here is an example of what I posted as fake news to try and gain followers.

I feel as if I need a reminder of what the goal at the end of this is. What am I getting by playing this game?

All-around “Bad News” is interesting until it is not and it gets a bit boring. I conclude to say that music is would be a key reason to make someone continue in this game. It is called an interactive story for a reason. This game is an awesome start, yet I feel as if it just needs something else to connect with the player such as music!

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