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Daily Creates Story Time

This week the instruction was to put together daily creates and tie them together to create a story. I like coming up with practical scenarios, so my story is about going through the emotions of life. First we have The Law of Digital Studies and how we should always be creative, and with creativity I am coming up with this digital studies, practical scenario. 

Remembering the law of being creative… I thought, what would follow this rule, just about anything right?!

Lots of people came up with different wheels for this daily create, but the wheel of emotions in particular is something that we experience everyday… So that is what I choose. What emotion are you feeling right now…. In about an hour you could be feeling an emotions on the other side of the wheel!!!

Speaking of emotions… this quote is full of emotions, read backwards.

It says “Don’t go backwards – you’ve already been there.” That is why I say read it forwards instead. If you go backwards you feel so many emotions, but you’ve already been there, done that. So take everyday as it is, be creative, fight for what you love, and be kind to others.

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