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Dear Diary…

The prompt was to write a diary entry from your favorite Disney Villain's perspective.

DisneyMusicVEVO. Donna Murphy – Mother Knows Best (From “Tangled”/Sing-Along). YouTube, 2 July 2020,

Dear Diary,

Mother knows best. Rapunzel wanted to leave the tower because the lanterns are calling her. She can never know what it is like to be out of the tower or else I will vanish into nothingness. Her beauty makes me shine as the young flower I am on the inside. I wish that she would be able to come to her sense and realize that I know best. I am the one who has raised her. I am the one who has brought her to all of her senses!!!!!!!!


May I shine just as bright tommorrow. 

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  • Mela

    “May I shine just as bright, tomorrow.” Wow, what a wonderful take on that assignment. You did a great job using the diary entry as a way to characterize Rapunzel’s mother as a narcissistic parental figure. Good storytelling allows readers to understand and imagine a character’s complex personality and it’s impressive you did that in just a couple of sentences!

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