Digital Studies

A moment in time from my iphone camera.

Currently, on my phone, my camera roll consists of 11,140 photos. I take photos of everything in my life of myself, food, friends, my furry animals, and so much more. I also take a lot of videos of myself as a musician, because I want to listen to myself, or share my content with others. They are not always good, but sometimes they can be beautiful!

I know that just one photo can tell a story, but when reading up on some of the material from lots of different resources I learned there is a lot of small things I can do to make these moments in my life look have a little bit of clarity. (get it? clarity!!)

I don’t necessarily ever have an approach when taking photos except to center the object that I am wanting to make the point of the photo such as a person, or the sun? I also ALWAYS change the brightness of the photo to darker or lighter depending on where or when the photo is being taken.

I feel as if when I am taking photos that have meaning or catch a particular feeling that they end up turning out better because the emotion of the photo that I am capturing turns the photo into art.

After viewing all the sources for class I feel a lot better about taking pictures, but I honestly always have a lot of creativity and love for all the photos I have taken or currently take.

To end my blog post here is a photo from the sky I took the other night when on a run.

Downtown Fredericksburg

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