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Disinformation, Information Literacy, & The Digital Revolution through music?!

I apologize, I haven’t posted on here in a while because I have been so busy, but I am going to catch up talking about the falsification that the internet leads us onto. First I read this article about Facebook managing the misinformation about the COVID vaccine. If you are interested the following link leads you to this interesting page.

This article made me think about how music media is the same way. Currently, Britney Spears comes to mind because of the horrible battle she had to fight in court. Britney Spears was an icon to many millennials growing up. She has been viewed as a “bad girl” with lyrics from the song toxic stating: Too high, can’t come down
Losing my head, spinnin’ ’round and ’round
Do you feel me now?

Brittney Spear is anything, but a bad girl, if anything she was sad, not bad.

Talk about false information… So from the outside view, Brittney Spears wasn’t okay. She was started behaving erratically in 2007 after a difficult divorce, and she lost custody of both her children. She started hitting the headlines in the news, because of her “bad” behavior, when in reality she was probably not in the right headspace because her children were taken away from her?! She was even admitted to the hospital twice by 2008, and that is when her dad started a conservatorship with her.

Her dad stated “Her life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental, and financial distress.”, but at this time the conservatorship was just considered to be temporary. What Britney’s fans didn’t know, was that they were no longer supporting Britney, but her father once this was ordered. She continued to work, and do the things that she loved, without her children, without her own decisions being made. The press made it seem like it was a whole DIFFERENT scenario.

This was posted by Britney, in January 2019. She said what an amazing journey it was, while she was still under her dad’s conservatorship so she isn’t stating the truth. Even the people behind the media, such as Britney herself covered up the truth. She did this not because she wanted to, but because she was under law controlled by her father.

The media can turn any situation into something it really is not, and this has been really eye-opening within not only music but our whole world.

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