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For the Joy of Love.

Love truly is love.

I could talk about the themes behind this post forever, but this is my final project for my ds106 class. Yep, it is being done a little late, but that is because it took me time, and it is a beautiful digital storytelling project. I not only tied music together with digital studies, but I tied together pieces of my love story with the theme of this semester which was for the love of….

My theme has to be the joy of love.

I love music.

I love digital studies.

I art.

I love my girlfriend.

I choose the four things that I love the most to combine together a digital studies, music related project. 

In this first piece, Purple Mountain Ranges I took sounds from outside to create the effect that you are there in the mountains, yet you aren’t in the mountains. I relate the spring morning dew to the fresh feeling that I get when I am with the one I love because I don’t have to hide who I am. The green trees that shelter me is the one I love standing by me always no matter the battle. The color purple represents deep love you feel for someone, and the mountains are the ups and downs of the deep love, and that is why they are purple mountain ranges. I Also if you listen to all the different musical elements within the piece I used text painting to creating ups and downs”mountains” within the music. 

The lyrics are as follows: 

It’s the spring morning dew,

It’s the smell of you.

The green trees that shelter me from the sun

You’re always standing by my side.


It’s the purple mountain ranges,

That’s the color of falling in love with you.

It’s the ups and downs of life that will carry us through


Like the mountains….




I loved this piece of art because it has the touch of purple but then goes to yellows, orange, and greens which emulate lots of different emotions: warning, relaxation, and optimism all at the same time. I will talk about the love I have for my girlfriend, yet the hesitation of telling my family I love a woman.


The lyrics are as follows:  


The path that I’m on is changing

I realize I might’ve been steered 

the wrong way

Is this right? Is this ok?


My emotions can’t keep up cuz I’m just a kid

Yeah, that’s what they say to me.

The love that I feel right now

It is just curiosity

It’s just a phase

 You don’t look gay

Your choosing this way

  This body of water I see

  I wanna jump in

The feel of my bare feet touching the ground 

It makes me feel anxious.


So I’m gonna jump in


I will be doing this painting in particular because it has blue in the background imitating sadness for my family necessarily not excepting me, but not excepting the person I love in my life. If you haven’t noticed I am making each a metaphor…. ” Watching Evening Waterfalls, with the one I love, sadness on my back, but bright green grass slipping through my fingers…” The waterfalls are sadness from the unaceptance, but the bright green grass is the relaxing love and pure clarity of the love my girlfriend always has for me.

The sounds that I use in the background is depicting the loneliness people feel when they are unaccepted in the LGBTQ+ community.


The lyrics are as follows:  


Am I alone

Am I alone in this, it feels like I’m alone in this?

The bright green grass I feel on my fingertips

It’s like ill never be that green 

That good

That person everybody wants


Am i alone

In this song, I referring how my family treats my gf vs. how they really feel about her. Then I am going to also refer to the Two Seasons as who I have to act like as the Straight Girl, verse who I really am dating a woman. Because in one season I am not showing my true colors and feel as dull as the crisp chilling white snow in wintertime, but in the other, I am as bright as the lush green trees in the summertime. When I refer to the sun coming out, that is referring to me coming out as my true self!

I use elements of people walking through snow in this, I try to depict the scene throughout this song in the background as well.


The lyrics are as follows: 

The chill in the air

The frost on the trees

Hidden underneath   the snow

Is a glow you can’t see

The trees are full of color

The mountains warm from the sun

Snow is has melted

And the lake is not a sheet of ice anymore, and mother nature filled it with life   


It’s like I’m living in another season

Shadowed by the ice      

But the when the ice all melts

The sun glows real nice

And I’m me   

The snow doesn’t last forever

The sun always comes out

Yeah I’m me       

Wilderness Falls. This painting emulates exactly how I am feeling with my girlfriend and family at this moment. So within the lyrics of this song I make it feel as if you can feel the essence of this piece. I feel happy with my girlfriend, and the person I love whether i am accepted or not. The colors being all the colors being my feelings  and emotions are ok when I am with her. 

The lyrics are as follows: 

This is what happiness looks like. All of the colors are placed together.

Even though the good times and the bad, I am still happier if you are in my life. I rather live a good life with you by my side than without you                  

Blue skies, purple and white clouds,  

That is what love is all about

I can see the icy mountain ranges behind me 

But I got happiness, and all I can see

You are right beside me. 

This what falling into love looks like.

This is what it could love looks like when I’m alone with you

With you  

This is my final project that I have worked so hard on. I hope you enjoy.

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