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How is the internet changing within music?

First, let’s establish what is the internet? In my opinion, I classify internet to be a forum where all people can access data (true or false), communicate with others within moments, and a quick way to share information. I love music within the internet. Music has can be accessed, communicated with others and shared in SO many different ways on the internet. It is the largest platform that music is shared on currently.

Digital media has been developing over the years, and it is slowly alternating our minds. In every way, music is developing within the internet as well. “Is the internet making us stupid?” I personally do not agree with this question. I feel as though the internet isn’t what is making us stupid it is the person obtaining and dispersing information. For instance, with the technology the internet is giving us within music such as Logic Pro, Audacity, and all of the music recording systems available, we can use these to advance our music. The next comments are not based on wether I think a musician is good, it is just fact.

Billie Eilish is currently one of the most popular upcoming artists. She is on the top 100 hits, but is her music being developed making her smarter, or a better musician? Her and her brother create music together, online. They use digital technology to change what her voice sounds like, such as autotune and synthesizers. If we analyze the song “Bad Guy”, you can’t even distinguish the real tone of her voice. Is this this making us as the listeners not as intelligent? Is this music making the composers develop, if they can just change the sound of their voice? Why become a developed vocalist, if you can just fix the sound through technology, and the internet?

Another counter example. Lady Gaga. Another example of a famous known artist. She exhibits in many ways that she can use the internet to make her music develop over the years. She has displayed her development from when her first hit single “Just Dance” came out in 2008 to her newest hit “Rain on Me”. You can argue that the mixers, behind her newer music still use autotune, but we can CLEARLY hear the change in the strength of her voice.

I would like to argue that Lady Gaga has made her audience grasp her new music in a different view every time she displays new music because of her development as a musician and vocalist. As Billie Elish, just came out with a whole new album and it still sounds similar to her old music because she has in a way let the internet take control of her voice. She instead changed her image, and in this way her audience grasped her as a celebrity, and not as a musician. Was this because this is the easier way to go about getting publicity? Was this the easiest way to get people to keep listening? 

Is this making musicians not want to work as hard to become an advanced musician? Is this making musicians not as intelligent? Well, you can make your own opinionated answer.

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