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Podcast Topics and Ideas

Podcast 1: We all have different reasons for enjoying music but why do we love music so much?

Podcast 2: Musical genre? Heavy-metal? Yeah, most people might not like heavy metal but why?

Podcast 3:Where did Jazz come from and how has it evolved into today’s music!?

Podcast 4: What is the importance of the emotions behind music? Is all music

Podcast 5: Mental Health and Music!!! What is the impact of mental health within music?

Podcast 6: What is more important to you the lyrics or the instrumental behind the lyrics? What do you mainly listen to in a piece and why?

Podcast 7: Pop Music in today’s society? What is pop considered? One of the current top albums is Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour

Podcast 8: Musicals aren’t performed live anymore like Les Mis? What is the importance of this and why aren’t they performed live anymore?

Podcast 9: What is the difference between a released song, album, and song cycle????

As you listen to my podcasts, please provide me with feedback on topics you would like to hear about, or even talk about. If you are interested in being on my podcast at well contact me via instagram!

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