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The Greatest Showman


This week I felt inspired by one of the Mashup Assignments, but I would like to elaborate on why I choose this instead of a Writing Assignment and make it my own, with writing about it.

I was given the following prompt: Mashup photos from your favorite movie with the sheet music from it’s the best song in the movie. Using Adobe Photoshop or comparable, play with overlays, Image effects, Opacity, and Masks to create one cohesive piece. 

I felt inspired to post this particular movie because the music is so empowering in every way that I wanted to express the positivity that this particular song in this movie incorporates. No matter who you are the lyrics speak to you, the background chords show empowerment, and even the melody places a reminder within the musical elements that this is ME. It is quite incredible how the musicians writing this incorporated this empowerment in every single way.

BACKGROUNDS: In music, when you hear a piece there are parts that play underneath the actual vocalist or soloist. These are called chords and they create background harmonies.







The chords are shown up above start on a B minor which says I’m not a stranger. Minor usually indicates distant or sad- which is exactly how being a stranger feels. Then it goes to a V,I in music which is the A-D major which is extremely positive- stating to the dark that you aren’t a stranger. It constantly takes a minor chord and makes it major which is indicating that no matter the negative it always turns positive.


MELODY: The vocalist sings the melody lyrics – THIS IS ME. The music is significant because this motive in music displays a solid unison pitch when singing this to say that no matter what: this is me, this is my voice, this is the note that I am singing. By the middle of the song the vocalist changes the pitch of this is me indicating that they CAN and WILL sing any note because they are indicating that this is ME.


Gracey, Michael, director. The Greatest Showman. Disney+, 2018.


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