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Video Show Plan

Since giving day is tomorrow for UMW I decided a few days ago that I would make a post for the music department with my digital studies skills. I am going to collaborate with students, and professors to get some photos, and videos to compile into a video to represent our music department. After I get some photos, of all of the different ensembles and students I am going to make a video that represents the University of Mary Washington Music Department. The short trailer will give a short look into the music department and give the @ for all of our social media accounts as well.

For the longer video, I am going to compile some videos of students stating why they love the music department at UMW, and then a video of a “look from the  inside of pollard hall.” I am not 100% sure what I will add in there as well, but we will see when I post it up this week. I also want to post each ensemble and a look into each of them. 

It seems like a short and sweet plan, but I really think it will turn out well!

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