Weekly Summary 8

Well, I bet I know what you are thinking… Hailey is finally showing up again to DS 106 again?! Well you would be correct, I am back! My website has been down for a very long time now because I didn’t have enough strorage on it, and I am finally able to update everything, and complete all of the awesome digital studies projects, and posts that I need to update myself on. First I will close out on my week 8 adventures. I had finished my podcast that I had made and to me it was an amazing experience to layer different audio tracks and music. It honestly taught me a lot and I think that now I can offically begin my own podcast journey this summer. 

Here are my following Daily Creates that I came up with:

This first one was thought of by my other musician friends, since this photo is of musicians. I was actually sitting in band rehersal and said guys what would be a good name for this band? And one of my friends said THE DADS. It is iconic and I feel like it adds to their chill jazz vibe that is going on.

The next post that I did was for Pi Day, and I watched a few music videos to see if anyone came up with a song fully based off the numerical order that Pi goes in, but this song was the perfect representation:

Lastly, here again is my podcast link, that I am very proud of!

That is a wrap for week 8 of digital studies… stay tuned for more!!!

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