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Weekly Summary 10

I loved the video that Professor Bond posted this week for Digital Storytelling. It helped me feel better about choosing my final project. I was feeling a little unsure, but honestly, he said that we should just be creative and that is my ultimate plan for my project that I am super excited about because I get to combine all the things i love.

Featured below is the trailer that I made for this week. I made a small video for the Music Department at UMW talking about what makes the University of Mary Washington have a good music department. I wanted this to be useful as well as a “trailer” for this class. I am going to make a larger video that has the students talking about why they love UMW music department and why. It will be a great way to build up the social media for the music department as well, as i am in charge of updating everything on there as a Student Aide. 

Daily Creates for this week, we only had to do two so here they are. My first one that i did was listing my anti bucket list, and the first thing on my list is going to war. I am a soldier, and a musician for the army, but our first duty is being physically ready for battle, which honestly does scare me, even if I am trained. So I would have to put going to war as my #1 thing that is on my bucket list. 

The next daily create that I did was for kicks and giggles. I matched my personality with a piece of furniture. I couldn’t think of anything so I thought let me see if buzzfeed has a quiz for it because they have a quiz for everything, and sure enough…. 

Well that is all for this week! Thanks for tuning in!

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