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Weekly Summary 5

Well, this was a busy week for digital studies to say the least.

I started the week off by using audio through my daily create.

Then I used my artistic digital skills to create a comedic design.

Lastly, I took a picture of myself and made a valentines creation putting my own version of crazy glasses on.

For this week it seemed like the most stressful, for absolutely no reason other than we had a lot of work. I actually had a lot of assignments due for other classes as well. I did enjoy these assignments, but it just took up a lot of my time.

I went to NYC this weekend so that made me have to be a little reason why I was stressed, but that is okay because I got to see 2 Broadway shows! – Hadestown and Chicago.

Anyways, this week I did a lot with audio. I use Logic Pro because it is a better technology than audacity. Audacity is free and has little to no effects. Logic Pro has a lot more than you can do when it comes to audio effects and editing- for musicians, broadcasters, etc.


For this week I did a lot of assignments, but I am fully satisfied with all of my work. If you haven’t taken a look at my website in full yet, I have been working on making it look a bit more smooth. Give me some suggestions or what I could do to make it look better, different, or even things you think I should do in general! 🙂

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