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Weekly Summary 7

This week was adventurous! I am honestly really proud of my work this week. Also, I am super excited about the Podcast that I am making with my digital studies group. There are three of us, and our plan is to make a music mashup Podcast where we talk about why people love music. We have a great idea for an intro where we interview lots of people and ask why they love music, then each of my group members will describe why they love music, and then I will talk about the science behind the emotions of music. I am super excited because I think this is going to go really well.

Next, I want to recognize my daily creates for this week as I think they are pretty neat!

This is the first one I did – it was fun looking at these random generators. Then I thought about the show undercover boss and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to connect a “character” with a business owner because that is what they do in the television show. They give these people a new random name, a new look, and a job inside their corporate company.

Next, I went to do my AI. Honestly, this was tough. I tried to make Maribel from Encanto first, but they just couldn’t get the glasses right, so I chose Princess Peach. I don’t think it is perfect, but I think it is realistic and kind of cool!

Then for my favorite Daily Create that I accomplished. I really went out of the box in my brain for this one. So in music, there are different pitches and sometimes when multiple pitches are played you just receive one pitch in your ear because of the frequencies. It is almost like an audible illusion. I proved that not only can illusions appear to the eye, but to us in multiple sensories.

That pretty much a wrap for now- I am will be logging off for Spring Break!

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