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Weekly Summary 9

Okay, yeah late again I know, my website was still down. I am getting everything back up today and tomorrow as I work to catch everything up, BUT this is a wrap for my Week 9 projects and posts!

For all of week 9’s activities, I made sure to clean up my blog posts with it. I tend to make a blog post and then leave it kind of messy. So for this week, I tried to make everything really clean.

  1. I did all of my Daily Creates and fit them into a story about emotions. WE walkthrough emotions every day, so I decided upon that.
  2. I went through my website and fixed a bunch of typos in blog posts, and I fixed the “about me” section so it looks a lot nicer.
  3. I listened to the radio broadcast, my website was just down so I couldn’t immediately post. I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts, I honestly wish I had time to have listened to everyones!!
  4. Then lastly my favorite part, I came up with my project. I am going to be creating a concept album based on Bob Ross’s paintings. It will tie 6-8 paintings together.

Well, I guess that is it for this week, it was short and sweet… now on to Week 10!

Go listen to one of my favorite songs that I am currently listening to. It is a great jazz tune by Peggy Lee:

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