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Weekly Summary 6

This week had a lot of work to do, yet not as much for digital studies this week. I did feel as if I got to learn about design this week, in different ways than before. I have been incorporating Canva in a lot of my posts just because it is an easy software to copy, paste, crop, and just do whatever I need really. I am creative with Canva though because most people don’t use it like me… most people just use it to create flyers, social media posts and for photo collages. 

To the right, these are my daily creates from this week. I also have been working on my website a bit too moving things around, trying to make it look smoother.

 I also really enjoyed all of the assignments that I created this week, and this has started to give me a complete new view on design. Design can be anything. Design is an art, that can be anything complicated, complex, simple, crafty, ugly, beautiful? 

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